June 14, 2023

Meet our Chamber of Gin Geelong Cocktails…

Chamber of Gin Cocktail in Black Sheep Geelong

Shaken, stirred and delightfully bespoke our Black Sheep Chamber of Gin Signature Cocktails bring the regions finest gin cocktails right to you, in the heart of the Geelong CBD.

Each one of our five local gin collaborators – Great Ocean Road Gin, Queenscliff Distillery, Anther Distillery, Bellarine Distillery and Flowstate Brewers & Distillers  feature in the line up, each with a signature seasonal cocktail ready to impress…

So without further ado, let’s dive a little deeper into the current Chamber of Gin Signature Cocktails line up…

Chamber of Gin Cocktail in Black Sheep Geelong

The ‘Rosey Gimlet’ by Bellarine Distillery

Balancing delicate sweetness, soft floral notes and zesty citrus, the Rosey Gimlet is a deliciously re-imagined classic. At it’s heart is fresh lime, along with Rosey & The Rabbits Gin by The Bellarine Distillery. Aged in ex Pinot Noir barrels with dried apricots and Middle Eastern black limes, Rosey is named after the distillers Standard Poodle, who enjoyed chasing a rabbit or two! The traditionally cured citrus in the gin imparts a salty, sour complexity, while Grains of Paradise add sweet butterscotch and deliver a peppery finish. Stirred down with rose syrup & Alize Rose liqueur, the result is a stunning soft pink cocktail that packs a punch.


Chamber of Gin Cocktail in Black Sheep Geelong

‘Orange Blossom’ by Queenscliff Distillery

A vibrant, citrus delight, Queenscliff Distillery’s ‘Orange Blossom’ cocktail highlights the stunning, contemporary-style Queenscliff Citrus Gin. Delivering a burst of zesty sherbet and refreshing warmth, loads of orange, lemon aspen & blood lime botanicals feature, alongside fragrant ginger and orris root. Perfectly complemented by bittersweet Aperol, a dash of sugar, fresh orange and lime juice, the Orange Blossom is a sunny cocktail reminiscent of warmer days, with a distinctly aromatic citrus profile.


Chamber of Gin Cocktail in Black Sheep Geelong

‘Cherry Moon’ by Anther Distillery

Featuring the award-winning Anther Distillery Cherry Gin, the ‘Cherry Moon’ is perfect for those who favour lightly sweet, fruity cocktails. An experimental style produced annually, Anther’s Cherry Gin gains its deep ruby red colour and earthy dark fruit flavour from over 70,000 hand-pitted Tasmanian cherries, macerated in high-proof Anther gin. To complement the piney juniper & finger lime botanicals, the Cherry Moon incorporates lemon, foam, honey and cherry syrup, for crisp cocktail with a smooth, sweet finish.


Chamber of Gin Cocktail in Black Sheep Geelong

‘Dazed and Confused’ by Flowstate Brewers & Distillers.

Designed to push the boundaries of what a gin can be, the delightfully experimental ‘Oaked & Smoked’ Gin by Flowstate Brewers & Distillers shines in the ‘Dazed & Confused’ cocktail. With notes of sticky vanilla, spicy citrus and woody campfire smoke, ‘Oaked & Smoked’ was created for Winter sipping and spectacular cocktails alike. Using Flowstate’s Craft Gin as a base, the ‘Oaked & Smoked’ distillate rests in heavily charred American oak for four months, while an infusion process of cold smoking ice with maple wood imparts a distinctly smoky element. Balancing and enhancing these flavours further, fresh pineapple and lime are added to the cocktail, along with ginger beer, providing a sweet spice and subtle fizz. An ideal Winter warmer for enjoying on chilly nights.


Chamber of Gin Cocktail in Black Sheep Geelong

‘Coastal Southside’ by Great Ocean Road Gin

A simple mix of grapefruit cordial, fresh lime, mint & pomegranate liqueur are the perfect complement to the Great Ocean Road Gin‘Guvvos’ Gin, named after a pristine stretch of sand only a stone’s throw away from the distillery. The gin itself showcases stunning botanicals native to the Surf coast, including coast daisy, salt bush, pigface, kelp, indigenous eucalypts and local honey. The ‘Coastal Southside’ plays on these crisp, bittersweet citrus notes, putting a fabulous a twist on a classic Southside cocktail, with a hint of fruit and refreshing dry finish.

Ready to try them all?

Aside from being incredibly delicious, each of the Chamber of Gin Signature Cocktails is a fine representation of how each distillery intend to serve their spirit, elevating the unique gin characteristics into something truly special.

Book now to try them out & learn more about the Chamber of Gin here…